Touch Keypad IP Pin Reader

The 916032 is an IP Edge Access Control Reader for pedestrian or vehicle access control applications. It features a backlit touch keypad and support for permanent or temporary access pins stored securely on the device. 

Manufactured by 2N/AXIS, no extra access controller is required as all inputs and outputs for door or gate control can be found directly on the unit. It is suitable for networked operation and features an embedded processor and network interface. It can be PoE powered directly from a switch or can be powered from a 12VDC power supply.

The device is fully supported by the EvTrack Eco System and is ideal for short term accomodation applications such as for AirBnb, hostel or guest houses where temporary credentials need to be issued to a visitor. One-time-pins can be created through the EvTrack web portal, via our Smartphone app or through a 3rd party booking system via our easy to use software API interface.

The product is available with a silver or black frame. For applications requiring QR code access control, the 916032 can be connected via a wiegand interface to our optical QR code reader allowing visitor QR codes to be read and to grant access to a site.

Key Features

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