Operational Best Practise for Electronic Access Control Systems

1.) Remove Lost/Unused Tags – Ensure keyfobs, cards, remotes & other credentials are removed from the system when people leave the site or the credential is lost or stolen.

2.) Separate Visitor Databases – Avoid systems that share a single visitor/employee database that could possibly lead to the cross-pollination of credentials.

3.) Link Access Credential to a Person – Always link keyfobs, cards, remotes to an individual – do NOT blanket issue without them being assigned.

4.) Correct Time – Ensure device time and server time are synced to a common NTP (network time protocol).

5.) Visitor Time /Use Limit – Visitor credentials should always have a use limit and time limit.

6.) Access/Control Area Rules – Create rules restricting access to certain high-security areas and/or parts of the building/site.

7.) Perform regular database backups, audits and clean-ups.

8.) Restrict unauthorised user access to the management interface.

9.) Tailgating – Educate Tenants & Employees to Watch out for Tailgaiting.

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