Decided to do a quick review of my visit to Intersec 2020 this year in Dubai. Firstly it seemed much smaller than in previous years. Not sure if the fire and health & safety stuff has got bigger but the CCTV and Access Control sections which I put my focus on have definitely got smaller. According to my Fitbit I did roughly 5KMs per day at the show this year.

Here are a few product highlights and interesting notes from the show. You will see my focus is not on the bigger more well-known brands but more on innovation and how well the product could be used in a real-world application to mitigate risks.

Networkable Fog/smoke/cloud Generator

Ideal for ‘clouding over an area to delay access to an asset. These units apparently protect key areas within 3~8 seconds of activating. The UFO styled ceiling mount model has an integrated fish eye lens camera, PIR sensors and comes with a smartphone app. Guess the only downside is the availability of the spare ‘cloud’ cartridges and also if the unit has too many false alarms all your ‘cloud’ may be used up before you actually need it. But still an interesting product. The two models below (note the WiFi antenna):

3-mod Ip Intercom Clone

Someone had told me about this before the show, but it was quite amazing to see it in the flesh. One of the big big CCTV brands has ‘cloned’ one of the models produced by the most popular IP European intercom manufacturers. It is unbelievable how similar the external product design is. See pic below. I still prefer the original product.

'Cloned' 3-Mod Intercom

The original 3-Mod Intercom

Under Vehicle Video Scanning Systems

Due to the real threat of terrorism in the Middle East, these systems were very popular at the show with at least ten companies demonstrating similar products. Some had special video analytics to detect or look for anomalies such as contraband or suspicious devices under the vehicle. Obviously saves having to rely on the old fashioned ‘mirror’ on a stick method.

Standard Cctv Recorders With Facial Recognition

Many of the mainland manufacturers are moving to provide embedded recorders with integrated ‘facial’ recognition. Care should, however, be taken in terms of how many facial recognition cameras each recorder can support and the actual accuracy of this facial recognition. Some of the systems do the facial recognition @ the edge i.e on the camera or to a lesser extent on the recorder itself (server-based but with fewer channels due to processing required).

Stainless Steel Ptz With Long Range Fujinon Lens/camera & Self Lens Cleaning Mechanism

Been wanting to see this new Fujinon long-range combined camera/lens module integrated into a camera platform. This was a great implementation by a European manufacturer with stainless steel casing, pan/tilt and a special motorised lens cleaning system. Super product !

Beautifully Designed Gates & Turnstiles Seemed To Be The Order Of The Day

Incredible some of the mechanical access/control design on show from these European manufacturers. The show had a great variety of products. There is quite a selection for the customer to choose from, especially in the half-height sector. Not a lot was on show in terms of full height. Full height turnstiles are obviously better for student accommodation, mining and border control.


This interesting contraption was apparently designed for chasing away birds at an airport. Not quite sure what it was doing at a security show. But was still impressive none the less.

Covert Weapon Threat Detection

This product was designed as part of an eco-system of detection products to provide users with early detection of suspects carrying weapons or dangerous substances. Below is a ‘plant’ pot with integrated covert threat detection. IP networkable it works in conjunction with CCTV video surveillance and other threat detectors. Definitely the way to go for houses of worship, museums or public buildings.

Vehicle Crash Barriers

The market for crash barriers in the Middle East seems extensive with at least 20+ products on show at Intersec. The model below was very impressive as was the British made product for pedestrians walkways.

Facial Recognition Access Control Terminals Are The Future

These non-contact biometric terminals appear to be the future of access control, especially with the spread of coronavirus type infections users are wanting contactless forms of access control but with the higher levels of security afforded by biometric technology.

Radar For Perimeter Protection

Still, a technology which we need to test. This radar product seems a fascinating product for perimeter protection at a facility. Theoretically, it should allow you to track an intruder not only before he gains access to the site, but also once he has breached the perimeter. Based on commercial technology it costs less than military radar systems and can be combined with PTZ surveillance cameras for tracking.

Czech Republic Stands

What was really impressive at the show was the quality of the equipment and products coming out of the Czech republic. They really had a great representation of the country’s products. Interestingly enough the Chinese Country Stand Section was really small this year with the Korean section almost the same size.

This eastern europian country (Czech Republic) is really punching above its weight. They make well-designed quality products at reasonable pricing. Some of the interesting products featured included access/control hardware, visitor management terminal hardware, biometrics readers, crash barriers and vehicle booms.

Control Room Desk Design

For many years, CCTV control rooms have been moving towards using regular looking office furniture instead of custom woodwork. The show had some great furniture designs for control rooms. If only customs could afford such great stuff. Love the LED trimmings.

Curved Display

Really loved this use of an ultra-wide curved display for a display of a PSIM combined with the touch screen panel below for control. This is seriously the control room of the future.

In Conclusion

I feel Intersec 2020 was a good show to attend, some innovative products & especially since I networked with great people from all of the Middle East. From Oman to Jordan, Iraq to Bahrein, the UAE to Egypt. It was also good to start seeing some locally produced products from the UAE.

What I did see was very little in the way of covert video surveillance. It seems this has moved across to Milipol.

Some of the most commonly featured products @ the Intersec 2020 Show where:

  1. Vehicle Crash Barriers
  2. Pedestrian Turnstiles
  3. Under Vehicle Video Surveillance
  4. Facial Recognition Access/Control Terminals
  5. IP Audio Intercoms
  6. Electronic Key Management

Will be back next year !

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