IP Dual 13.56MHz & 125KHz IP Card Reader with Keypad

The A02 is a wall mountable reader for pedestrian or vehicle access control applications. It features a dual technology RFID reader and support for thousands of card credentials to be stored securely on the device (i.e on the edge). No extra  access controller is required as all inputs and outputs for door or gate control can be found directly on the unit. It is suitable for networked operation and features an embedded processor and network interface. It can be PoE powered directly from a switch or can be powered from a 12VDC power supply.

The device is fully supported by the EvTrack Eco System allowing access control by visitor or employee through RFID card or tag. Cards or tags can be enrolled using the EvTrack web portal. This includes the setup of access control points, schedules and access control groups.

Support is featured for both 13.56MHz or 125KHz proximity cards or tags making it ideal for upgrading existing sites.

Key Features


Akuvox A02 Datasheet

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