IP Face + RFID + QR Code IP Reader & Intercom

The E16C is a multi-credential IP edge reader & intercom for pedestrian or vehicle access control applications. It features a 5" touchscreen display, dual lens facial recognition camera, RFID reader and support for thousands of access control credentials stored on the device (i.e on the edge). No extra access controller is required as all inputs and outputs for door or gate control can be found directly on the unit. It is suitable for networked operation and features an embedded processor and network interface. It can be PoE powered directly from a switch or can be powered from an external 12VDC power supply.

VOIP Intercom

One of the key applications for the E16C is as a SIP-compatible VOIP digital intercom. This allows the unit to be integrated into a VOIP intercom system as a door station to communicate with compatible IP internal door stations.

Anti-Spoofing Facial Recognition

With its two 2 megapixel cameras, the unit provides hi-speed facial recognition access control in visible light and has an anti-spoofing algorithm against video or fixed image attack. Facial images for temporary visitors or permanent residents or staff are uploaded and managed through the EvTrack web interface.

QR Code Reader

For temporary guests, the E16C has support for reading digital QR codes through its camera. These can also be created via the EvTrack web interface or free smartphone visitor application.

RFID Reader

The unit integrates a 13.56MHz proximity card/tag reader making it ideal for upgrading existing sites that have seperate card readers and intercoms.

EvTrack Support

Supported by the EvTrack Eco System allows one to use the Akuvox E16C as part of an access control system for temporary guests, visitors or permanent residents and employees. Cards, QR codes, faces or tags can be enrolled using the EvTrack web portal. This includes the setup of access control points, schedules and access control groups. For applications with no onsite guard, the EvTrack visitor kiosk can be utilised to register the visitor and upload a photo for temporary upload to the E16C for facial recognition access/control entry. On exit or if the visit invitation use limit is up, EvTrack can be configured to delete the visitor’s face.

Key Features

Download the Akuvox E16C Datasheet here

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