Louis Groenewald

Honeywell EDA52

EvTrack is one of the first visitor & access software companies to support the new EDA52 handheld scanner from Honeywell Productivity. Thank you to Jacques Boersema from Bidvest Mobility, a member of The Bidvest Group for getting us an early sample to integrate. The new model is a great improvement over the EDA51 with a …

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Zebra CC6000

If you are looking for an automated visitor to access control solution. Our EvTrack Front Desk Visitor App now runs on the Zebra Technologies self-service kiosk & when used with 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE, a. s. readers and our 2N compatible QR code reader, a visitor can self-enrol, send a request for access to a host and …

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QR Code Reader

Our latest hi speed QR code reader features an integrated 13.56MHz card reader for secondary access control. Ideal for Contacless Portable Airbnb, Gym and Office Use. Fits into a standard Legrand 2×4 Plate.

Axis Smart Cities | Middle East & Africa

This video shows how EvTrack integrates seamlessly with the Axis Smart Cities | Middle East & Africa P1455-LE LPR camera enabling high-speed vehicular access control. Numberplate credentials can be allocated for residents, tenants or for temporary visitors. Its the ideal solution for gated security estates, commercial parks or parking garages.

QR Code Access Control

EvTrack – Visitor Management & Cloud Access Control is excited to be presenting at InSight Innovation Summit, hosted by Convergint Technologies on May 18th-20th. Join us to discuss QR Code Access Control & Curb to Couch Visitor Access Management. Register today so you don’t miss this exclusive virtual event. We’ll see you there!

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