EvTrack integrates seamlessly with Axis Communication’s A9188 Input and Output IP Interface Board.
This rugged product features eight programmable input and outputs, as well as 8 mechanical relays.
Making it ideal for applications such as estate vehicle boom control, turnstile interfacing and entrance gate opening. 

Powered from PoE or 12VDC, the A9188 features an ethernet interface and communicates with the EvTrack visitor and access control solution via an AXIS VAPIX interface. This secure method of communication ensures encrypted communication between the I/O device and our EvTrack server.

Key Features

Transparent IP Control

TCP/IP Network Interface

8 x Inputs / 8 Outputs

PoE Powered

Secure Communications

With the A9188, signals can be sent transparently to the access control barrier from a rugged handheld EvTrack guard device once a visitor has been registered and granted access to the site. For a visitor access control requirement for a gated estate or
commercial business park a single A9188 can be used to control up to eight vehicle booms or pedestrian gates transparently over TCP/IP.
Other applications for this unit include individual floor elevator access control and delivery

System Architecture


Integration Note

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