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News and updates on the EvTrack Access Control & Visitor Management Solution including exhibition events, new product features and exciting developments.

EvTrack Guard LPR Support

Blog EvTrack Guard LPR Support September 10, 2020 EvTrack Handheld License Plate Recognition Did you know EvTrack Guard now supports Automatic Numberplate Recognition (ANPR/LPR) through the application.   This useful function allows EvTrack to use a vehicle numberplate as a form of access control credential. Users can allocate the credential […]

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Honeywell CT40 Rugged Support

Blog Honeywell CT40 Rugged Support September 5, 2020 Honeywell CT40 Support The Honeywell CT40 is a rugged Android handheld computer for data capture applications.  It is the ideal product for visitor management and access control security use. EvTrack now features support for the device in a 64-bit format under Android […]

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Common Access Card (CAC)

Blog Common Access Card (CAC) September 5, 2020 DoD Common Access Card (CAC) Barcode Support The Common Access Card (CAC) is an identification card used by the United States Department of Defence, Coast Guard, National Guard & United States Defence Personnel.   EvTrack supports the scanning and decoding of the […]

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