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Honeywell EDA52

EvTrack is one of the first visitor & access software companies to support the new EDA52 handheld scanner from Honeywell Productivity. Thank you to Jacques Boersema from Bidvest Mobility, a member of The Bidvest Group for getting us an early sample to integrate. The new model is a great improvement over the EDA51 with a […]

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Zebra CC6000

If you are looking for an automated visitor to access control solution. Our EvTrack Front Desk Visitor App now runs on the Zebra Technologies self-service kiosk & when used with 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE, a. s. readers and our 2N compatible QR code reader, a visitor can self-enrol, send a request for access to a host and

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Facial Biometrics

For anybody making use of facial biometrics, here is a guide to help you take the best photos. Take them 1.2Mtrs away & avoid selfies as these tend to warp the image. EvTrack supports SAFR from RealNetworks and other embedded facial recognition readers for access control and short term visitor access control. Better quality images

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Axis LPR Access Control

EvTrack integrates with AXIS ANPR cameras to allow visitor & resident cloud vehicle access control using Axis ACAP license plate recognition technology. Ideal for hi-speed entry and exit out of a facility, temporary credentials can be created for contractors or visitors to a site. All number plates are logged to EvTrack regardless if authorised or not. #ANPR #LPR #axiscommunications #accesscontrol

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Legrand Compatible QR Code Reader

EvTrack QR code readers are now even more compact & fit into standard Legrand cradles and cover plates. They are compatible with AXIS and 2N controllers & are the ideal solution for contactless temporary or permanent access control applications. Ultra-high speed they frature optical QR code reading for hi-throughput access control. #accesscontrol #security #axiscommunications #visitormanagement

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