Elevator Access

For single or multiple floors

The management of visitors, contractors and delivery staff at a residential building housing multiple tenants or residents is key to it’s security. In addition these sites need a means for granting access to normal residents as well as to short term residents such as Airbnb or Hotel guests.

EvTrack allows the user to gain access through multiple layers of access control either via a permanent credential such as an RFID card, Biometric Facial Matching or Numberplate or via a Temporary Credential such as an OTP or a QR code. Visitors can be pre-registered via our smartphone application or through the EvTrack Web interface. These visitors will then receive the temporary credential by email or SMS which can be presented to a security officer on arrival or used directly on an access control device. A host approval function sends a photo of the visitor with his/her name to the resident and allows them to approve or deny access accordingly.


Access Control Elevator Installation TIPS

The installation of access control into elevators needs to be carefully planned with the relevant electrical engineer, lift designer or with elevator company. The following should be considered:

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Multi-Zone Elevator Access Control Application Note

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