Elevator Access

For single or multiple floors

The control of access into or out of elevators is important in order to protect residents and tenants of mixed-use developments or apartment buildings. Generally, this access control is implemented in two ways. As a single access zone which creates only a single ‘zone’ for the entire building where everyone who has an access control credential has access to this zone. The other method is where each floor is separated into separate ‘zones’ which means only individuals who are situated on those floors have access. Multi level access control is best as it reduces the risk of cross-pollination of residents to different floors of a building.EvTrack combined with 2N and Axis IP Hardware creates a ‘multi-zone’ or multi-floor elevator access control solution. A single reader can be programmed with different credentials which are linked to one or more output relays. An elevator with up to 40 ‘Floors’ can be supported.



The installation of access control into elevators needs to be carefully planned with the relevant electrical engineer, lift designer or with elevator company. The following should be considered:


Multi-Zone Elevator Access Control Application Note

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