QR-codes are modern digital credentials that can be used for temporary or permanent access control applications. One of the many
advantages of using QR codes is that they can be printed out or displayed digitally on a smartphone or tablet. Users do not need to
worry about carrying a card or tag credential anymore as the credential now becomes portable. They are also a contactless form
of credential thereby eliminating surface contact for the person using the access control system. Visitors can also easily be issued a QR code via a kiosk printer or electronically via email, SMS or WhatsApp. Our EvTrack Solution makes QR code access control a reality when used for temporary visitor or permanent access control applications.

Vandal Resistant Construction

For areas where the reader may be exposed to vandalism or
tampering, our latest QR Code Reader has a vandal resistant
aluminum enclosure and is suitable for fixed access control
applications inside or outside a building. Available in several colors
including gold, white and black, it is ideal for corporate office,
residential or VIP access control applications.

QR Code Reading

The reader features a high speed embedded scanning engine
and optical camera for reading QR codes or 1D/2D barcodes.
QR code access control credentials on printed cards or digital
devices such smartphones are supported up to a distance of

Interface + Hardware Compatibility

Featuring a 32-Bit Wiegand Serial interface the unit is compatible
with standard access/control boards that have a Wiegand
Interface. The cable entry for the device is from the rear of the
device which protects the cabling to the reader from tampering

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