ticks all the regulatory compliance boxes: automated data capture, temperature logging & screening combined with ID capture and health/safety questions.

Some advantages of our Product:

1.) Works with Android Smart Phones such as the Samsung Note 10.

2.) We help link the health/safety screening process to the individual by his/her ID or drivers license.

3.) We improve the temperature screening process by taking multiple temperature samples.

4.) Our system features encryption between the handheld device & the server (either in the cloud or on-premise).

5.) It is cost-effective and has many access/control security features such as QR code & visitor pre-registration.

6.) It is made in South Africa and we can offer a fast turn-around.

Please note that these products are not medical devices and should only be used as part of a larger health and safety plan & screening process. Symptoms & high temperature are not always present.

Care should also be taken with the environment in which screening is done and the way in which the employee/visitor/contractor & his/her data is handled before, during & after the process.

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