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EvTrack Web
Management Interface
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Easily Manage Your Employees, Visitors & Contractors

With our management interface, all functions including system dashboard, setup, configuration, management and reporting can be accessed through a standard internet web browser on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. No special plugins required.


system Dashboard

Dashboard with graph of visitors by day, access/control personnel users in and out by day, as well as recent system events.

visitor & personnel pages

Each EvTrack visitor, contractor, employee or system user has a dedicated profile page where data is stored and access/control or visitor events are recorded.

live logbook

An easy to use logbook allows easy searching of visitor and access control data by name, access control point, event type, direction, vehicle or credential ID.


This is a place where all system settings are configured including those for visitors, users, personnel, data capture, access control device hardware, access control points, schedules, invitations and host notification messages.

Public Registration Form

Pre-register card holders, contractors, personnel and system users via a customised public registration form link. Individuals can upload names, IDs, organisations and photos for easy system registration.

Database Import Function

The import function allows existing users to be imported into EvTrack using a .CSV file or 2N XML file. This is applicable to both the personnel and the user database and can be applied to particular access control lists.

Watchlist or Banned Lists

Special watchlists can be created for both individuals or for vehicles. This allows system administrators to block certain individuals or vehicles from gaining access to a site either as a visitor or as an employee.

Configurable Access Control Points

Multiple access control points can be created with configurable access control groups, as well as access control schedules. 

Invitation & Host Notification Messages

Various customised messages can be created using EvTrack’s html web interface. This includes those found on invitations as well as host notifications on a visitor arriving or leaving a site. 

Exportable Reports

Visitor, access control, time/attendance and system event reports can all be exported in either pdf or excel formats. Exception reports are also available when using our health/safety screening forms. 

Software Overview

Visitor Individual Profile Page

Visitor Invites by Time/Date

Visitor Agreement Form

Access Control Logbook

Personnel Registration

Badge Settings

Visitor Invite Settings

Host Notification Settings

Database Import Function

Reports Export

Credential Management Page

Hardware Device Management

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