Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the EvTrack licencing work?

Each site requires a base license plus a license for each access/control hardware device used. There are two different hardware device license types (basic & advanced).

Is EvTrack cloud-based?

EvTrack is available in both a cloud-based version as well as an onsite or on-premise version for corporate or government clients.

Is EvTrack POPI compliant?

EvTrack is compliant with POPI and has measures in place in terms of processing and protecting personal information. Standard users do not have access to visitor information after it has been entered into the system.

What happens if the Evtrack Guard device loses WiFi connectivity?

The information captured from the visitor is queued by the device and uploaded when connectivity is restored.

What web browsers does EvTrack work with, and is a plug-in Required ?

EvTrack is able to work with Chrome, Firefox, IE and most popular browsers. No special plug-in is required to run it.

What Information Security Does Evtrack have?

With Evtrack all communication between the server and the guard device is encrypted. As is any data transfer between browser & the server. Offline data stored on the guard device is also encrypted.