Product Features

Pre-Registration or Ad-Hoc Registration @ the Physical Access/Control Point

Visitors and users can be pre-enrolled through the web interface or at any of the access control points via the EvTrack Guard device.

Host Notification Via Email or SMS

Hosts are notified of new visitors by SMS and/or Email. In addition OTPs are also sent automatically from the system via SMS or Email.


EvTrack is available as standard as a cloud-based solution and no server is required onsite in order for the system to operate

Biometric or Password User Log-In
Users can log-in via password, RFID or biometric. This provides a full audit trail of all transactions and which user initiated the transaction.

Reports can be generated from EvTrack providing details of all system transactions as well as new visitors by day & users by access point.

Offline Transactions

If the WiFi connection is lost on the handheld guard device or there is no connection to the server. No captured visitor data is lost. This data is encrypted, stored, queued and resent when connectivity is restored

Individual Profile Page For Each Visitor

Every visitor or user has an individual profile page where his/her details are stored and events are logged.

ID & Drivers License Scanning

Through our handheld EvTrack guard device, scanning of barcoded drivers licenses and national ID cards are supported. Data is inputted directly into the system automating the guards work.

Proxy Support

For networks requiring proxy connections, EvTrack has support for sending SMS notifications via a proxy


System Architecture


Software Components



  • Rugged Handheld Device Application
  • ID, Drivers License, Vehicle Disk & Passport Scanning (OCR Optional)
  • Visitor / Contractor Photo Capture
  • One-Time-Pin Access Entry or Exit
  • Blacklist Notification

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  • BYOD Smart Phone App
  • IOS or Android Support
  • Visitor Pre-Registration by Host
  • Free Download

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  • Web Based Application
  • Username + Password Log-In
  • Evtrack Configuration & Management
  • Dashboard with Analytics
  • System Audit Trail + Reporting

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