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Self Service Visitor Registration & Access Control Kiosk Application

Designed to automate the visitor registration process, this application forms an integral part of the EvTrack eco-system and allows a visitor to self-register on arrival at the site. Operating on a wide range of Android Tablet devices it has a touchscreen interface for input and is managed by the EvTrack Web management portal. It complements or replaces the security officer at the front desk and notifies the host after the registration is complete.


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To speed up waiting times, the visitor can be pre-registered by the host using EvTrack Web or the EvTrack Client Application. Visitors will receive a QR code or One-Time-Pin to enter on the EvTrack kiosk terminal on arrival.

Photo Capture

As part of the of the self-service visitor registration process, EvTrack Front Desk uses the hardware tablet devices in-built camera to capture a hi-resolution photo of the person standing in view of the kiosk's camera. 

Digital Questionare​

Fully customisable this function allows the user to create unique digital question pages for health/safety, COVID19 screening or company compliance that the visitor can answer via the touchscreen display.

Host Approval or Denial

On completion of the visitor registration process, the EvTrack system will send out a host approval request to the host who will confirm if the person is allowed access. If approved the visitor will receive a credential via email or sms.

Access Control Integration

EvTrack Front Desk can be used to provide self-service check for visitors and provides an automated method of issuing them with access control credentials (OTP / QR Code) for use on 2N or AXIS IP access control hardware. 

Logo Insert

Your organisation's logo can be inserted onto the front page of the application presenting the visitor  with your corporate image as they arrive for a meeting or visit to your site. This upload takes place via the EvTrack Web portal.


How it works

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