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The entrance and exit points of gated security estates, golf villages and gated communities are key in controlling the security of these sites and providing an audit trail of visitors, delivery people, residents, contractors and employees. Access control systems should allow estate security officers to screen, capture, monitor & control pedestrians as well as allowing quick vehicle & pedestrian entry & exit. They must also allow residents to pre-register visitors as well as approve ad-hoc visitors at the gate while they wait.

Automated Visitor to Access Control Flow

EvTrack is the glue that links the visitor to the physical access control providing an integrated visitor and access control experience for estates. Within EvTrack we also offer estates multiple types of access control hardware including numberplate recognition, facial biometrics, RFID tag/card access, one-time-pin keypad support and QR codes for residents, visitors or contractors.
With EvTrack one is able to automate the visitor or contractor exit process which can help save on security manpower.  On entry the visitor’s face, numberplate and even ID can be loaded as an exit credential. Therefore the visitor can grant simply present themselves at the exit and if there is a numberplate camera they can free exit. If there is a face reader they can show there face to the reader and exit. Or if there is a keypad/QR code reader installed the guest can enter the pin or QR code they received on arrival to exit without security having to oversee this process.
Access Control Software Integration
Besides being able to integrate directly with IP edge hardware, EvTrack is also able to integrate to 3rd party access control systems such as Genetec Security Centre, Gallagher and Suprema making the product ideal for estates wanting integrated security platforms.



  1. Streamlined Visitor Management: Residents can easily pre-register visitors and send digital invites with QR codes or one-time PINs via email, Whatsapp or SMS, allowing for seamless and quick entry at security gates.

  2. Enhanced Security: The system supports biometric facial readers, RFID cards, and QR codes, ensuring that only authorised individuals gain entry, thereby enhancing overall security.

  3. Remote Access Control: EvTrack enables residents to manage visitor access and permissions remotely, reducing the need for physical interaction with security staff and providing greater convenience.

  4. Reduced Manpower Requirements: By automating the visitor registration and entry process, EvTrack minimizes the need for on-site security personnel, leading to significant cost savings and more efficient operations.

  5. Faster Resident Access: The system speeds up access for residents by utilising fast and secure entry methods such as RFID long range readers, numberplate cameras and facial readers reducing wait times at entry points.

These benefits collectively improve security, efficiency, and convenience for gated estates, security villages and golf estates using EvTrack.



Gated Communities & Residential Estates Application Note

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