A unified approach to visitor management
and access control

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QR Codes For Access Control

Contactless Modern Security Credentials for Temporary Visitor or Permanent Employee Access.

License Plate Recognition

For safe & speedy vehicle access control for residents, tenants & pre-registered visitors.

2N & Axis Hardware Support​

Support for these popular IP network security access control & intercom hardware devices.

Health & Safety Screening

Contactless Temperature screening with customised COVID19 questions for safe return to work.


‘EvTrack is a software eco system designed for visitor management, physical access control & health/safety compliance. It is an open architecture solution which allows different hardware to co-exist as part of the same system. Components include handheld devices for data capture, ID verification and access control; as well as IP RFID card readers, QR code readers, numberplate recognition cameras and self service kiosks. These software modules make up the EvTrack solution.’

Extending Visitor Management
to Your Application

Gated Estates

EvTrack helps estates or gated communities increase security through pre-registration of visitors, ID verification and host notification by email, SMS and push notification.

Apartment Buildings

Apartments buildings or multi-unit dwellings find solutions through EvTrack with short term or visitor management & access control for residents from curb to couch.

Mixed Used Buildings

Mixed use developments provide a challenge due to the combination of visitors, tenants and contractors. EvTrack helps visitors and personnel transit through multiple layers of security.

Construction Industry

EvTrack provides a well needed security layer for construction or temporary sites or projects. It helps implement portable access control, health/safety screening & time attendance.

Utility Sites

Power, water & telecom remote sites all require remote access/control to manage security. EvTrack allows the remote issuing of temporary credentials for contractors at these sites.


With COVID-19 the hospitality industry needs to screen employees, contractors and visitors to ensure compliance. EvTrack also provides security access control by scanning QR code or RFID staff badges.


EvTrack has many features for sites requiring hi-security such as government buildings or ports of entry. This include multi-credential combinations as well as ID / Passport scanning & Encryption.


The protection of students is paramount. EvTrack provides nurseries, creches, schools, universities & colleges with a robust fixed or portable electronic visitor and access control management system.

Key Features For Seamless Site Operation

Pre-Registration or Ad-Hoc Registration at the Physical Access/Control Point

Visitors can be pre-enrolled through the web interface, client app or at any of the access control points via the EvTrack Guard device.

Individual Profile Page For Each Visitor

Every person, visitor or user has an individual profile page where his/her details are stored securely and access control events are logged.

Exportable Reports

Various reports can be generated from EvTrack providing details of all system transactions as well as new visitors by day & users by access point.

Biometric or Password User Log-In

Users can log-in via password, RFID or biometric. This provides a full audit trail of all transactions and which user initiated the transaction.

Cloud-Based or On-Premise Server

EvTrack is available as standard as a cloud-based solution and no server is required onsite in order for the system to operate. An onsite server is also available for corporate or government clients wanting an on-premise option.

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