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AirBnb or hotel apartment buildings have become the accomodation of choice for many cities. The organisations and individuals that manage these buildings require security measures in order to manage access control for guests, visitors and employees. Many of these buildings are unmanned and property owners are looking for a remote method of providing the guest with a one-time-pin or QR code to gain access during the stay. EvTrack has the solution is well suited to this.



  • Pre-Registration Link For Guests Prior to Arrival.
  • Manual Web Interface For Property Admin 
  • Invitations Sent by Email, SMS or Whatsapp
  • Email Invites Include Property GoogleEarth Map & Building Rules
  • QR Code, OTP or Face Reader Options.
  • Guest Check-In Kiosk Option
  • Visitor Access Control Analytics, Time/Attendance Reports & Visitor Logs.


  • Centralised Access Control: Property administrators can easily manage access for multiple units and properties through the EvTrack web portal. Separate property owners can be configured to control access for their specific units, ensuring clear and efficient management across various properties.
  • Remote Management: With EvTrack, all access control functions can be performed remotely, allowing property administrators to grant or revoke access, monitor entry points, and manage guest credentials from anywhere, enhancing convenience and responsiveness.
  • Improved Security and Accountability: EvTrack’s advanced access control features, including QR codes and biometric credentials, ensuring that only authorised short-term guests can enter the property. Detailed logs and real-time monitoring provide accountability and enhance security.
  • Seamless Integration: EvTrack seamlessly integrates with a variety of access control systems and directly with IP edge access control readers reducing the need for multiple standalone systems.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: By automating and simplifying the check-in and access process for short-term guests, EvTrack enhances the guest experience. Guests receive easy-to-use digital credentials, ensuring a smooth and welcoming entry process.



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