Biometric Facial Recognition Reader

The K1T431 is a wall mountable reader for pedestrian or vehicle access control applications. It features dual megapixel cameras with an advanced facial recognition algorithm and support for thousands of face credentials to be stored securely on the device (i.e on the edge). Suitable for networked or stand-alone operation it features an embedded processor, network interface, NTP time synchronisation and a 4.3” touch screen display interface.
The device is fully supported by the EvTrack Eco System allowing access control by visitor or employee through facial recognition as well as RFID card/tag. Employees can be enrolled using the EvTrack web portal or via the EvTrack web registration link. For temporary access control applications, visitor photos can be captured using the EvTrack guard application which is then transparently uploaded to the facial recognition terminal for instant use. After the default visitor period has expired or the use limit has been
reached, the visitor’s face credential is removed from the device.



System Architecture

Access Control Workflow

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