Key features

The MK5 is the smallest in our range of self-service visitor kiosks and is suitable for reception desk mounting. Its solid design and heavy duty construction make it suitable for hi-throughput commercial buildings, industrial parks, student residences or apartment buildings.

Passport Scanning

The MK5 kiosk supports OCR scanning of passport and ID cards to capture visitor data. Here the visitor places his document in the rear document holder and EvTrack does the rest. Data capture fields include name, surname, nationallity & ID/passport number.

Hi-Resolution Facial Capture

The MK5 kiosk features a hi-definition front facing camera which is used to capture visitor facial images. EvTrack's image processing engine has face finding to detect the person's face in the image, facial cropping, blurring of the background and automatic face capture.

Barcode Code Reader

The MK5 features a hi-speed optical barcode reader module with laser pointer for capturing data from PDF417 compatible ID cards or drivers licenses. Data is decoded from the barcode and uploaded to EvTrack as part of the visitor registration process.


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