Providing Access Control & Temporary Visitor Management via Facial Recognition

The post COVID-era has seen a major increase in the demand for fast contactless access control for apartment buildings, gated security estates and corporate offices. This integration combines EvTrack's visitor management solution with SAFRs facial recognition server platform to provide users with an enterprise-level access control and visitor management solution using facial biometric credentials.

The solution can be used for both pedestrian and vehicular access control with support for permanent face credentials for residents, employees and tenants. Temporary access control is also possible via use-limited or time-expiry face credentials for visitors or temporary contractors that are enrolled via a guard device, web link or self-service kiosk.

A typical system consists of a SAFR server running a licensed version of the SAFR software communicating with an onsite or cloud-based EvTrack access control server via an API (Application Programming Interface). EvTrack acts as a ‘virtual’ access controller storing credentials, access control points, access control lists, locations and access control time schedules. User, personnel and visitor face credentials are managed by EvTrack and pushed through to the SAFR server once created. Once these expire, or they are modified or deleted, then they are also removed from the SAFR server.

The SAFR facial recognition server constantly ‘scans’ for recognised faces via the incoming video feed and converts these to events which are sent transparently to the EvTrack server to action. with this integration a powerful solution is available for the end-user wanting to do facial recognition access/control via fixed readers or via IP cameras talking to IP i/o modules.​

Invite Mobile Phone Contacts

Users can easily import phone contacts through this function and create visitors that need to be invited to the site. Additional contact details such as email or ID number can be added to this visitor page. Hosts can just as easily delete visitor contacts if the list grows too long.

Share Visitor Invites By Whatsapp, Email or SMS

All visitor invitations can be easily shared by Email/SMS/Telegram/WhatsApp through the user's mobile phone without additional cost to the site. If the visitor's email address is listed then EvTrack sends out the invitation transparently to the visitor. For sites that have the SMS option enabled, these invites are sent at the site's cost.

Create Quick Invites For Delivery Services

For couriers or delivery people where the visitor's details are unknown a quick invitation can now be created by the host using EvTrack and shared with the visitor. On arrival the credential would be given to the guard who would be prompted to still perform a full visitor registration.

Event Log

Residents/Owners and Employees can now view a list of visitor arrival times, departure times and a list of pending invitations. The listing also includes the credential use limits remaining and access point.

Document Manager

With document manager, the site administrator can upload documents such as site rules or plans for a particular location or for a particular user. Various file formats are supported and an active and expiry date can be set by file.

Visitor Virtual Host Approval

Through the EvTrack client application, visitors can be remotely approved. With this function, a push message with the visitor's photo, name, ID and access/control point is sent to the host who can then approve or deny the person access.

Dynamic Access Control QR Code Credential

EvTrack features a dynamic QR code inside the application. This is assigned to a user and can be used to gain physical access control through an EvTrack optical QR code reader or an Axis IP Camera reading the QR code.

List of Previously Sent Visitor invites

This function displays all previously sent visitor invites and allows the host to re-send, delete or modify a visitor invitation. The visitor audit log provides an itemised record of all visitor entry and exits.

Services Listing

EvTrack's client application has a function allowing services to be listed. These listings can be created within the EvTrack web interface and allow a photo, title and web link to be added for services that may be useful to the estate or building

EvTrack Client App Functionality

EvTrack Guard Device Visitor Registration & Facial Capture For Temporary Access

Step 1

Visitor Arrives at the site & Approaches the Security Officer who has an EvTrack Guard Handheld Device

Step 2

Security Selects the Visitor Host & Captures Visitor Information such as name, surname, ID, passport, telephone contact etc.

Step 3

Security Officer Takes a Photo of the Visitor Using the Handheld Devices' Built-In Camera

Step 4

The visitor’s captured details and facial image is automatically and securely uploaded to the EvTrack Server.

Step 5

EvTrack Uploads the Visitor’s Facial Image to the SAFR server and creates a temporary access control credential.

Step 6

Visitor can then show there face to the SAFR face reader and the system will grant them access for the visit period

Self-Service Kiosk Visitor Registration Facial Capture & Visitor Host Approval

Step 1

Visitor Arrives at the site & Approaches the Security Officer who has an EvTrack Guard Handheld Device

Step 2

Visitor selects the host and enters his/her contact details into the kiosk such as name, ID, passport, telephone contact etc.

Step 3

Visitor takes a ‘Selfie’ using the visitor kiosk’s integrated camera. The kiosk crops and prepares this for upload.

Step 4

A message is sent by email or SMS to the host with the visitors contact details and photo for visitor approval.

Step 5

On Approval by the Host, a temporary credential is created using the visitors face and uploaded from the EvTrack Server to the SAFR Server.

Step 6

Visitor can then show there face to the SAFR face reader and the system will grant them access for the visit period

Download the EvTrack Visitor App Brochure here

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