Visitor Scanner for Access Control

In todays world, visitor scanners have become one of the standard tools required by the security officer stationed at an access control point. These systems allow one to capture details of those requiring access into or out of a site and facilitates communication with the host. With EvTrack, this is achieved through an easy-to-use guard friendly application which allows ID document scanning, as well as capturing of details such as photos of assets (laptops, tablets) and the scanning of barcodes on invoices, receipts or visitor cards.Various custom data fields can be configured including a custom text field, photo field or barcode field. These are very useful in allowing extra data to be captured at the point of entry or exit. This may include a photo of the boot of a car, photos of items being removed from the site or photos of goods accompanied by a scanned barcode on an invoice.Visitor badges can be printed directly from the device to a printer. This is a useful security function allowing easy visual identification of visitors at a site.



Security Guarding Application Note

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