3RD PARTY software integrations

The Software Integration Functionality Provided Through our API Makes the Following Possible

Each of our software integrations help fulfill a need for software to provide a solution for one or more requirements in the security, hospitality, residential or commercial sectors. Our powerful REST-API allows the interfacing between EvTrack and 3rd party software partners to become a reality. This includes access/control software.

Accomodation Rental Bookings

Estate & Building Management

Access Control Software integration

Website Booking Integration

Room Reservations

Software Integration Partners

GenetecTM Security Center is a different type of platform. It’s built from the ground up to unify all of your data so that you can manage security policies, monitor events, and run investigations. With this integration, the customer is provided with a single platform integrating CCTV, access/control and visitor management.

SAFR provides an enterprise-level facial recognition software solution for access control, security and visitor management. EvTrack integrates with SAFR allowing visitor data and photos to be captured by EvTrack and then uploaded to SAFR to allow temporary or permanent facial recognition access control.

Suprema provides a wide range of IP access control biometric and reader  hardware as well as an access control solution called BioStar2 which EvTrack integrates with for integrated visitor to access control processing. Visitor data and facial images are captured through EvTrack and then transferred via a REST-API integration to Suprema’s access control software.

Our WIX app integration allows users to create bookings on a Wix website which integrate with EvTrack’s access control system. This can be very useful for situations requiring a booking form which then generates an access control credential (pin or QR code).

Supersight is designed to manage Airbnb type buildings where temporary visitors or guests reside. It also allows the reporting of issues and task management. EvTrack integrates seamlessly to provide the creation and issuing of automated visitor  access control credentials for these short term guests. 

Estatemate produces a software solution for managing of residential apartment buildings or security estates. Functionality includes body corporate communication, site bookings, fault reporting and service site listings. 

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