Residential & Apartment

EvTrack is the ideal security solution for residential apartment buildings and security housing estates where security is paramount. It is a tool which can be used for managing visitors, deliveries and contractors to the site. Visitor details are captured, temporary access can be granted and a notification is sent to the residential owner or tenant. It is also a helpful audit tool for estate or building managers to see how long contractors have spent onsite.


  • Visitor, Delivery & Contractor Enrollment
  • Temporary One-Time Pin Access Control
  • Apartment Owner / Tenant Host Notification
  • Audit Report for Body Corporate or Building Manager
  • Black Listing for Unwanted Guests

Motor Dealership Vehicle Security

The system can be used for easy automated entry of vehicles but strict control of vehicles wanting to exit. This is to protect customer and company assets.


  • Pre-registration of Drivers & Vehicle Number plates.
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition & Vehicle Boom Control.
  • Vehicle License Disc Scanning by EvTrack Guard.
  • Multiple credential levels for high security vehicle control including combinations of OTP + Drivers ID + Number plate Matching.
  • Database searchable by vehicle number plate and/or drivers license.
    Vehicle number plate black list.

Corporate & Government Visitor Registration

Both corporate and government organizations have an obligation and a requirement to ensure there is a proper record of visitors, contractors and attendees of conferences and events. EvTrack is the ideal tool to achieve this. It can be used by admin staff, security officers or event hosts in order to accredit individuals and provide an audit log of individuals and vehicles.


  • Pre-registration and Acreditation of Visitors, Contractors or Event Attendees.
  • Automated Transmission of One-Time-Pins and/or QR codes by email or SMS.
  • Visitor Scanning In/Out by EvTrack Guard Handheld Device.
  • Printing of Badges with Embedded QR Code, Photo ID and Visitor Details.
  • Database searchable by ID number, Visitor or Host.
    Individual black list.

Construction Site Security

EvTrack has been successfully deployed for temporary and contractor access control application on building sites. Construction projects require tight security to ensure high levels of control of materials and individuals entering or exiting a site. EvTrack guard can be used by security guards to scan in and out individuals and/or vehicles at a site.


  • Enrollment of Contractors & Workers.
  • Handheld EvTrack Guard handheld device for bio metric, QR code or card/tag scanning.
    Control of temporary workers or visitors.
  • Printing of Badges with Embedded QR Code, Photo ID and Visitor Details such as Contractors Name etc.
  • Database searchable by ID number, Visitor or Company.
    Individual or Vehicle black list.