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Extending Visitor Management to your Application.

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Apartment Buildings

EvTrack is the ideal security solution for residential apartment buildings where multiple layers of access control is present and where visitors need to be processed through these layers. It is a tool which can be used for managing visitors, deliveries and contractors to the Building. Visitor details are captured, temporary access can be granted and a notification is sent to the residential owner or tenant when the visitor passes through an access control point. It is also a helpful audit tool building managers to see how long contractors have spent onsite.

Gated Estates & Communities

The entrance gates of gated estates, golf estates and gated communities are key in controlling the security of these estates and providing an audit trail of visitors, residents and employees. They allow estate security to screen, register, monitor & control pedestrians as well as vehicles. EvTrack can also send signals to open vehicle booms and/or gates after a successful transaction.

Government Facility Access Control & Visitor Registration

Government organizations have an obligation and a requirement to ensure there is a proper record of visitors, contractors and attendees of conferences and events. EvTrack is the ideal tool to achieve this. It can be used by admin staff, security officers or event hosts in order to accredit individuals and provide an audit log of individuals and vehicles entering & exiting the site. EvTrack also helps improve security for these types of facilities in order to protect national assets and confidential government information.

Motor Dealership Vehicle Security

EvTrack can be used for easy automated entry of vehicles but strict control of vehicles wanting to exit. This requirement is normally found in vehicle dealerships, repair facilities or garages. It helps to provide an effective audit trail, protect customer vehicles and company vehicle assets.

Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-use developments compromising residential, hospitality, retail and corporate offices provide a unique challenge to the security industry. Your access control system needs to be able to cope with the many dynamics found with a mix of residents, tenants, visitors and delivery personnel enetering and exiting the site. EvTrack supports access control and visitor management for elevators, sliding doors, vehicle booms, motoroised gates and standard access control doors.

Remote Utility Site Access Control

Organisations now have remote sites widely distributed around a country, province or region. EvTrack provides a solution to easily remotely manage contractors or visitors to these sites. With our solution one can send temporary access control credentials via email or SMS to the person visiting the site.

Construction Site Security

EvTrack is the ideal portable access control security solution for the construction industry. One is able to use the solution to improve security as well as provide a record of visitors and employees working at the site. It has been successfully deployed to register, screen and control visitors as well as sub-contractors and building contractor employees at sites. Contactless access control and screening is possible by handheld device or fixed readers at turnstiles. Ideal for short-term or long-term construction contracts.

Hospitality Industry

EvTrack helps hotels, guest houses and conference centres provide access control, visitor management and screening for employees and contractors. Our COVID-19 screening functionality allows these industries to do temperature screening of individuals as well as health and safety questions. Compliance and security is always key to allow guests to feel safe and secure. With EvTrack this process is digitised and paper is replaced with a cloud based server and web interface.

Security Guarding

In todays world, visitor scanners have become one of the standard tools required by the security officer stationed at an access control point. These systems allow one to capture details of those requiring access into or out of a site and facilitates communication with the host. With EvTrack, this is achieved through an easy-to-use guard friendly application which allows ID document scanning, as well as capturing of details such as photos of assets (laptops, tablets) and the scanning of barcodes on invoices, receipts or visitor cards. 

Elevator Access Control

EvTrack provides excellent support for the control of elevators via RFID tag or card, One-Time-Pin or QR-Code. This access control can be configured for individual floors or for buildings with multiple floors or levels. Restricted access can be created for penthouse control, hotel floors or for commercial and mixed-use buildings. A single online reader is installed inside the lift with optional IP relay boards for multi-floor control. Temporary credentials can be sent to visitors with a use and time limit. Due to the open architecture nature of EvTrack, most makes & models of elevators can be supported including OTIS, Mitsubishi, KONE, ThyssenKrupp, Nu-Line or Schindler.

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