Construction Site Security


EvTrack is the ideal portable access control security solution for the construction industry. One can use the solution to improve site security as well as provide a record of visitors and employees working onsite. It has been successfully deployed to register, screen and control visitors as well as sub-contractors and building contractor employees. Contactless access control and screening is possible by handheld device or via fixed readers at turnstiles. Both RFID cards as well as QR code printed badges can be scanned. It is ideal for both short-term or long-term construction contracts.

EvTrack allows the user to gain access through multiple layers of access control either via a permanent credential such as an RFID card, Biometric Facial Matching or Numberplate or via a Temporary Credential such as an OTP or a QR code. Visitors can be pre-registered via our smartphone application or through the EvTrack Web interface. These visitors will then receive the temporary credential by email or SMS which can be presented to a security officer on arrival or used directly on an access control device. A host approval function sends a photo of the visitor with his/her name to the resident and allows them to approve or deny access accordingly.



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Construction Site Security Application Note

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