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Cape Town Station Rise Student Accomodation

Visitor Management & Access Control For the Largest Student Residence in Africa.

This student accommodation has an incredible 3081 beds making it the largest student residence in South Africa as well as the largest to date on the African continent. EvTrack provided the temporary access/control for the construction site with almost 3000 workers at its peak and was then selected to provide the access/control and visitor management for the new development itself. 

The site features Hikvision facial recognition readers and utilises EvTrack for visitor management as well as access/control credential management. 

Paarl Rock

Protecting First Time Apartment Owners with Seamless Automated Visitor Management & Access Control

Paarl Rock is an apartment building belonging to the Conradie Park Development on the old Conradie Hospital site.Designed for first time buyers it consists of 288 architecturally designed apartments across three blocks.

Station House

Vehicle & Pedestrian Access Control & Visitor Management for 200+ Apartments

Stationhouse Sea Point is a luxury apartment building located on the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town. The building has eleven floors with over 200 apartments and penthouses.

Designed to provide everything the modern apartment dweller requires, the building has its own supermarket, restaurant, bakery, gym, co-work space, residents lounge & swimming pool.

Nazareth House

Biometric & ANPR Access Control with Integrated Visitor Management For Retirement Village

Larmenier Village & Nazareth House share a joint entrance and campus in the luxury suburb of Vredehoek in Cape Town. The site houses a retirement village, apartment buildings, a hospice, special school & frail care centre.

The Signature

Helping this mixed use building process visitors and granting them access to the elevators

The Signature Building is a mixed-use building located in a historic part of trendy Cape Town.It houses seven floors of apartments, two floors of commercial units and a ground floor which accommodates several restaurants and even a night club. For parking the building has four levels of subterranean parking floors.
A large portion of its residents are short-term ‘AirBnb’ type visitors that stay in the building for a short period of time.


Hi-Security Access/Control & Visitor Management For this Social Housing Project

Cape Town has a limited amount of social housing. Ownhaven provides a valuable contribution to the housing supply in Cape Town with its latest social housing development. Featuring four buildings, these all feature full-height turnstiles biometric readers & access control for visitor scanning. EvTrack provides anti-passback as well as a public registration link for new tenants.

Neigbourgood - The Reserve

Airbnb Apartment Hotel with Biometric Facial Recognition for ShortTerm Accomodation

Neighbourgood The Reserve is a trendy apartment hotel situated in the historic ABC building in Adderley Street Cape Town. Featuring four floors of loft-style apartments and one floor of commercial space. The building’s developer had a requirement for a system which could manage short term and long term residents.

the ivory

Enabling remote cloud access control for this luxury apartment building

The Ivory is a luxury apartment building in Sea Point, Cape Town. EvTrack was implemented to allow remote cloud management of the access control at the site. The system consists of several facial recognition readers and an IP keypad at the main entrance. The managing agent and/or tenants are able to remotely manage the system and create visitor invites for short term Airbnb guests.

Chapman's bay estate

Securing Residents via Face Access Control & Visitor Management at this Gated Estate

Chapmans Bay Estate is situated in Noordhoek and is a gated community which uses EvTrack to protect its residents, owners and contractors. The site makes use of the EvTrack client application which is used to pre-register visitors and/or contractors. Residents make use of facial recognition readers that are connected to EvTrack which allows the estate management to remotely manage the site.


Visitor Scanning & Access Control For this Southern Suburbs Security Estate

This brand-new estate located in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town features seperate house stands as well as an aparment building called the manor house which features real old world charms. EvTrack provides access control for residents and temporary access control for guests either arriving as adhoc visitors or being pre-registerd by one of the estate;s residents. Facial biometric readers provide hi-speed access for visitors through motorised vehicle booms.


Effective Facial Recognition For this Large Security Estate

This large site located in Pretoria, South Africa makes use of EvTrack’s cloud solution for managing the access control for the estate’s residents. Visitor management is also featured and saves manpower through it’s automated visitor face for exit. An LPR camera is placed outside each of the estate’s gates for resident vehicle access afterhours.

High Riding Country Estate

Automating Visitor & Residential Access Control On this Country Estate

High Riding Estate Is an Equestrian Estate Located in Lush Countryside Close to Somerset West. EvTrack provides them with an effective means to manage residential access control via LPR and facial recognition. Visitors are processed using a handheld guard scanner and visitors exit automatically through the use of LPR cameras. This automated functionality helps save on security manpower and improves the overall experience for the visitor.

80 Strand Street

Integrated Visitor Management & Access Control Solution for this Busy Commercial Building in the Heart of the City

Featuring a multitude of commercial tenants including WeWork as a tenant, 80 Strand Str has multiple levels of vehicle parking and features number plate recognition and one-time visitor access for vehicle access control. Pedestrians make use of speedgates fitted with QR code, RFID and one-time-pin readers. EvTrack helps the asset manager and his team properly manage the visitors and tenants passing through this building on a daily basis. Anti-passback prevents abuse of the parking and other functionality such as expiring credentials are issued to contractors and visitors. A self-service kiosk is installed at the reception with QR code thermal badges issued to walk-in visitors.

Silo 3

Solving Contractor & Visitor Access Control For this Luxury Waterfront Apartment Building

The SILO-3 building is one of the most premium apartment blocks in Southern Africa and is located in the exclusive silo district of the V&A Waterfront. Blending the best of EvTrack, Silo3 uses our EvTrack kiosk for visitor registration and facial recognition biometric readers for resident and employee access control.


Biometric Access Control For Visitors & Residents Alike @ This Silo District Apartment Building

EvTrack has been deployed at this uber luxury apartment building in the Silo district of the V&A waterfront in Cape Town. The cloud-based access control communicates with a self-service service visitor kiosk for guest enrollment and Hikvision Biometric Facial Recognition for Secure Access/Control into and out of the building. Visitors can be invited through a free Smart Phone Application and given access for a limited period of time through this automated access control solution.


AirbBnB From Curb to Couch

How about a solution that provides QR code access control for AirBnb temporary accommodation guests. With EvTrack, visitors are pre-registered prior to arrival and receive an Email or SMS with a QR code invitation that can be used by guests to enrol on a kiosk on arrival. The front entrance door features a QR code reader, as does the elevator and the front door of each apartment. This allows the short-term guest to gain access through multiple layers of access control during the visitor’s stay while using a temporary digital QR code. 


AirBnB One-Time-Pin (OTP) Temporary Access Control Solution

The Portswood is a modern apartment building located in the suburb of Green Point in Cape Town that caters primarily for holiday or corporate lets. The managing agent required a solution which could be used to generate a credential (OTP) and easily issued to guests at the same time as the AirBnb booking. Integrated with Supersight, One-Time-Pins are automatically sent out via email.


How to Achieve Hi-Speed Vehicle Access Control at An Industrial Estate

This industrial park located in Cape Town, provides industrial units for small to medium size businesses for warehousing, sales or factory use. The property owner had a requirement for a system which could be used to allow hi-speed vehicle access control for both tenants as well as visitors to the park. License plate recognition cameras are connected to the EvTrack cloud server and administered by the property admin team. Visitor scanning is done by the security officers on duty through a handheld visitor scanner. 


Portable Visitor Management For this United Arab Emirates Logistics Company

CEVA provides and operates transportation and supply-chain solutions for large or medium-sized national and multinational companies. EvTrack guard devices have been deployed to capture ID or passport details for visitors, contractors or maintenance workers visiting the site. These rugged portable devices each feature a large battery, powerful processor and integrated Emirates ID card reader.



RAM is responsible for training the next generation of Omani Civil Servants. EvTrack was chosen as the access control and visitor management solution for the project. Partnered with our local Omani partner Modiso ( ) the system incorporates a variety of access/control IP technology from ANPR vehicle access control devices to combination face + QR code readers as well as IP card and keypad readers. We also integrated with a meeting room management system from Schedule Display in Germany which allows visitors and guests to be sent QR code visitor invites prior to arriving at the site for a particular meeting.


Visitor Management For this Dubai Holdings Co-Working Building

Co-Working Buildings have become extremely popular post-covid-19. This luxury office building located in the heart of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates provides its tenants with a variety of office types, as well as the highest level of security and office facilities. This includes a visitor management system to control visitor access into and/out of the building by QR code access control scanning. Visitor data is integrated with the building’s Genetec Security Centre system and captured simultaneously and stored with the building’s CCTV camera data. 

Mercedes Benz SA Head Office

Electronic visitor and employee scanning and registration for Corporate Compliance

Mercedes Benz South Africa had a requirement for visitor scanning and registration at it’s head office in Zwartkops Centurion. This facility housed the Mercedes Benz Call Centre, Admin Centre and Fleetyard with New and Used Vehicles.


Corporate Visitor Registration System

WFS (Woolworths Financial Services) had a requirement for a visitor management system to register its visitors and guests visiting it’s corporate offices. EvTrack provided a solution to this requirement with two self-service kiosks with integrated South African ID card or South African Drivers license scanning. A web portal is used for management and an API interface allows for visitor details to be exported to the client’s CRM.  


Short Term Access Control For This AirBnB Apartment Building

This Miami-Style building located in the heart of the popular suburb of Sea Point on Cape Town uses EvTrack for providing guests with access control by OTP, QR code or Face. Guests are Pre-registered and can arrive at the site and easily gain access 24/7.


On-Premise Facial Recognition A/Control

This corporate client was looking for an on-premise solution that supported both facial biometrics as well as traditional access control RFID cards. EvTrack provided an ideal on-premise solution that talks directly to the face readers and is web-based for easy management by the team onsite.

Shiro Towers (84 Harrington Str)

Solving Access Control For this Co-Work & AirBnB Apartment Building

Located in the trendy upper east side of the Cape Town CBD. This newly rennovated mixed-use building provides nine floors of AirBnb type apartments, as well as a special co-working lounge. It required a hi-tech solution to access control providing Gen-Z with QR code access control on each apartment door and access into and out of the building. An Axis numberplate camera controls access into the vehicle loading bay and 2N intercoms with QR code readers protect each external entrance.

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