IP 4-Door Controller (ASC2204C-H)

EvTrack supports Dahua Technology’s ASC204C-H IP Door Controller Board for access control applications. This 4-door controller features a powerful embedded processor and SSL encryption for communication with EvTrack. With it’s four Wiegand card reader interfaces, the controller can be used with standard Wiegand interface Mifare access control proximity card readers, or can be used with any of our optical QR code Wiegand interface readers. 

Credentials are downloaded to the controller which can operate in an offline mode in case the connection with the cloud is interrupted. Another application for the ASC204C-H is as a transparent IP controller when used with an EvTrack Guard visitor device for opening upto 4 vehicle booms at an entrance checkpoint. 

Controller Key Features

Transparent IP Control

TCP/IP Network Interface

4 x Inputs / 4 Outputs

Supports 4 Doors

Secure Communications


  • Embedded Processor: Yes
  • Wiegand Card Reader Connections: 4
  •  Number of Onboard Card Credentials: 5000
  • NTP Time Syncronisation Support: Yes
  • Ethernet Port: 10/100Mbps Ethernet Interface
  • Alarm Inputs: 4
  • Alarm Outputs: 4
  • Lock Output: 12VDC
  • Anti-Tamper Enclosure Trigger: Yes
  • Enclosure: Powder-Coated Steel
  • Dimensions: 337 x 272 x 90mm (with enclosure)
  • Operation: 100~24VAC

System Architecture


Integration Note

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