2N Compatible QR Code Reader

QR-codes are modern digital credentials that can be used for temporary or permanent access control applications. One of the main advantages of the use of QR codes is that they can be printed out or displayed digitally on a smartphone or tablet. They are also a contactless form of credential thereby eliminating surface contact for the person using the access control system. Our EvTrack Solution makes QR code access control a reality.


Contactless Access Control

The Reader

The EVT-QR-2N-1MOD is a QR Code Reader suitable for fixed access control applications when used in conjunction with 2N Verso IP Intercoms and/or 2N IP standalone access control devices. Featuring an embedded scanning engine and optical camera, the EVT-QR-2N-1MOD has a low power consumption and operates off a wide input voltage range of 9~36VDC. QR code access control credentials on printed cards or digital devices such Smartphones can be read.

Extremely compact it is able to fit into the space provided for a 1 mod verso device and when combined with our EvTrack software solution it provides contactless access control for permanent employee access control, as well as temporary access control for contractors or visitors. 

A key advantage of the EvTrack solution is that it provides a seamless transition from registering a visitor, to issuing them a QR code credential, to them using the QR code to get access into or out of a site. True curb-to-couch access control which can be used by those who dislike or forget to carry a credential or for short term accomodation such as AirBnb where it may be difficult or not possible to physically issue a credential to your guest. 

Within EvTrack, there are several options for creating and using QR code credentials, these include:

ID Cards / Badges with QR Code (Typicalled Printed on a CR80 Card or a Disposable Sticker)

Emailed Digital Invitations (No App Required to be Installed)


EvTrack Client Smartphone Application (For IOS, Android or Huawei Devices)

Interface + Hardware Compatibility

Featuring a 32-Bit Wiegand Serial interface the unit is compatible with 2N’s range of hardware and can fit into a one mod verso box. It is also compatible with the 2N range of accessories such as the 9155021, 9155022, 9155023.

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