The EvTrack visitor and access control system is the ideal solution for customers in the United Arab Emirates wanting to implement a robust solution for visitor management and automated access control.

Within EvTrack we provide support for the scanning of Emirates ID cards from the seven emirates including Abhu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain.
EvTrack is available to Emirati customers as an on-premise solution with onsite server or as a cloud-based solution hosted at AWS (Amazon Web Services) in the UAE.

ID & Passport Scanning

To speed up visitor processing and provide accurate data capture EvTrack supports the scanning of a variety of official identification types is supported within EvTrack. This includes the two versions of Emirates ID cards and international passports as well as some drivers licenses

Hosted in the UAE

EvTrack's server is available as a standard cloud-based version hosted in the United Arab Emirates at AWS (Amazon Web Services). It is also available as a private-cloud version or an onsite-version with perpetual licensing for those customers wanting to host within there own IT infrastructure.

Visitor Host Approval

A host approval function allows ad-hoc visitors to be approved or denied remotely. A notification is sent to the host via email, SMS or push notification which needs to be approved or denied before access will be granted to the visitor. A photo of the visitor + name + ID is included with this message.

Corporate or Residential

EvTrack's solution is suitable for a wide variety of the customer applications found in the UAE, from a luxury residential apartment building in Dubai to a corporate office building in Abu Dhabi or a logistics warehouse in one of the Emirate's Free Zones. EvTrack has the visitor solution for your application.

Free Visitor Smartphone App

EvTrack provides a smartphone application for Apple, Android or Huawei smartphones. This application can be used by the host to pre-register visitors/guests, share visit invites via email/sms/whatsapp as well as approve adhoc visitors or view audit trails for past guest visits.

Visitor Face Capture

As part of the visitor registration process, EvTrack's kiosk or handheld device capture's a full-colour image of the visitor. This is cropped and uploaded to EvTrack's server for storage as part of the visitor's profile or for a temporary face credential for an access control facial recognition reader.

Emirates Visitor Registration System Features

Emirates ID Scanning

EvTrack supports the scanning of both the older and the newer generation of Emirates ID cards (EID Smart Cards). This is done via an integrated SmartCard reader on the kiosk or handheld device. Data that is retrieved from the card includes name, surname, nationality, ID card number and mobile number. This speeds up the data capturing for the adhoc visitor that arrives at the site.

Passport Scanning

To help automate and speed up visitor enrollment and data capture, EvTrack supports the scanning of International Passports via OCR through the kiosk's rear camera. The visitor's passport photo is cropped, passport number and name/surname uploaded as part of the visitor registration. The visitor info can be retrieved by exporting a visitor report or viewing the visitor's individual profile via the web portal.

Visitor Self-Service Kiosk

EvTrack’s FrontDesk Kiosk solution allows for unattended visitor registration in a reception area or lift lobby. On approval of the registration by the host, the kiosk can be configured to print, email or SMS a QR code which can be used on an EvTrack QR code reader to gain entry into a building.

Badge Printing

Various makes and models of printers are supported within EvTrack, from Evolis full color card printers to brother black/red thermal printers to standard Zebra receipt printers using low cost paper. Once a visitor registration has been completed the kiosk can be set to automatically print a visitor's badge. There is also an option to display an on-screen badge with QR code.

QR Code Visitor Access Control

QR Codes are an excellent form of temporary access control credential as they can easily be transmitted electronically or printed on paper or displayed on a mobile smartphone. Within EvTrack QR codes can be set to be dynamic or fixed with a use limit and time/date expiry time. Once the visitor credential has been created, the QR code can be uploaded to an access/control controller which is then ready for accepting the visitor or guest.

Facial Recognition Integration

With biometric facial recognition installations, the face captured on the kiosk or via the handheld visitor scanner can be uploaded to an associated facial biometric reader. This provides a seamless visitor to access control solution. Standard Android Tablets may be used or our special EvTrack Kiosk product. Various IP Face Readers are supported including those from SAFR, Akuvox and Hikvision.

Encryption & Security

Information security is critical to us and with EvTrack all data between the kiosk or handheld and the server and the web portal browser is encrypted (SSL). This includes any data stored offline on the kiosk device. Custom public and private keys can also be added to the system based on the customer’s security requirements.

Visitor Pre-Registration

To speed up visitor processing, hosts/residents can pre-register guests through our free app, via our web portal or through a public registration link. The visitor will receive a one-time-pin or QR code by email which can be entered on the self-service visitor kiosk or scanned by the EvTrack visitor handheld device to gain access to the site.


Our rest API allows integration between EvTrack and third party access/control or property management systems. This is ideal for automating the visitor process such as when used for short-term accommodation booking systems. Various commands are supported including the creation, updating and deletion of visitor credentials.

Handheld Visitor Registration & A/Control

Various EvTrack Guard handheld mobile registration devices are supported allowing the scanning of Emirates ID cards in the field or physically at the gate or access/control point. This makes EvTrack ideal for security access control at logistic warehouses, airports, border posts or for portable event security at exhibitions or construction sites.

Available from the following companies in the UAE:

System Architecture

Download the EvTrack UAE Visitor Management Brochure here

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