Visitor Access Control & Screening Application

Our Android 64-Bit SmartPhone application which is used by a security officer or receptionist for visitor data capture, ID scanning, security screening, temperature screening, badge printing and physical access control verification. Ideal for portable security applications at the entrance or exit of a facility or event, it has user authentication, host notification, LPR as well as visitor badge printing.


DOCUMENT scanning

In order to speed up the visitor processing and provide accurate data capture we support the scanning of a variety of identification types which can also be used as a form of contactless access control. This includes passports, ID cards & drivers licenses.

QR Code Access control

QR Codes are Ideal for use as Credentials for Contactless Access Control. Either for Temporary or Permanent Application these can be generated by EvTrack web or by the  EvTrack client application. Printed QR code badges can also be created for contractors or staff.


An important function as double verification measure for visitors, a notification can be sent to the host via email, SMS or push notification which needs to be approved or denied by the host before access will be granted to the visitor. A photo of the visitor and name is included with this message.


Various customisable fields can be added to the EvTrack guard worflow. This includes a text field, barcode field or photo field. This functionality can be used for capturing of data such as invoices, delivery notes, the contents of a vehicle or to capture details of an asset such as a laptop.

Health & Safety screening

As part of our health/safety screening and data catpure functionality. EvTrack Guard features a range of customisable health & safety questions, as well as data entry fields for temperature screening measurements. This makes it the ideal compliance tool for various industries.


LPR (License Plate Recognition) is supported by EvTrack Guard both for vehicle data capture entry or as an access control credential to open a vehicle boom or vehicle gate for an authorised vehicle through the handheld device’s camera and it’s in-built LPR OCR technology.


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