Automation has become key to every organisation. With EvTrack kiosk visitors, contractors or delivery personnel can self-register when arriving at a site thus saving on personnel and reducing human to human contact. This solution provides visitor data capture, photo capture, ID scanning, health & safety questions, temperature screening and badge printing. It is ideal for corporate office or apartment building reception use and provides host approval as well as host notification by email or SMS.


QR Code Pre-Registration

Pre-registration by the host, allows the EvTrack system to create temporary credentials to be used by the visitor on arrival at the site. Credentials include One-Time-Pins (OTPs) or QR codes. The QR code can be scanned by the kiosk’s barcode reader speeding up visitor processing.

DOCUMENT scanning

In order to speed up the visitor processing and provide accurate data capture we support the scanning of a variety of identification types which can also be used as a form of contactless access control. This includes international passports, ID cards & drivers license cards.


To replace the person at the access control point performing visitor screening, a notification message with visitor photo and name is sent to the host via email, SMS or push notification which needs to be approved or denied by the host before access will be granted to the visitor.

Health & Safety screening

As part of our health/safety screening and data capture functionality. EvTrack Kiosk features a range of customisable health & safety questions, as well as data entry fields for temperature screening measurements. This makes it the ideal compliance tool for all organisations.


EvTrack Kiosk features an algorithm to perform face detection and face cropping. This reduces stored image size and ensures appropriate hi-resolution images are captured of visitors using the kiosk. 


Visitor badges are a low cost yet effective method of security control for a site, especially in terms of controlling the movement of visitors & contractors. EvTrack kiosk is able to print to an attached thermal transfer printer on succesfull completion of the visitor process. Badges feature QR codes.


Host Pre-Registers Visitor Through App or Web Portal

System Sends QR Code or OTP to Visitor

Visitor Presents QR Code or OTP to the Kiosk

Kiosk Prompts Visitor to Confirm Details

Kiosk Prints Badge

Host Receives Visitor Notifcation

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