Integrating with Gallagher Security's Command Centre, the heart of Gallagher's powerful solution providing one access/control & visitor management platform.

What Data Is Transferred Between Evtrack & Gallagher ?

Cardholder Info

(First Name, Last Name) + Unique EvTrack Identifier.

Visitor Photo

by EvTrack

QR Code or OTP (One-Time-Pin)


Cardholder Group

(i.e the Access Control Group the Credential is Mapped to)

EvTrack’s dedicated Gallagher driver allows for seamless integration of EvTrack’s visitor management and access control solution with Gallagher Security’s Command Centre Security Software. This solution provides automated visitor to physical access control management with EvTrack streamlining the access control process for temporary guests, visitors and contractors. It is ideal for sites that utilise Command Centre and where the customer wants to integrate Access/Control, Perimeter Security and Visitor Management into one integrated platform. EvTrack’s server is available as a cloud-based or on-premise deployment and communicates to Command Centre via Gallagher’s REST API.

What Is Gallagher's Command Centre

Command Centre is a centralised platform designed to integrate perimeter security, intrusion alarm, access control and guard tours into a signle integrated security solution. It allows end-users to have a single centralised management platform for controlling the various electronic security systems around a site. Functionality includes automated and scheduled reporting, email/text and mobile notifications, alarm activations and cardholder management. Other integrations available within Gallagher include Video Management Systems, Card Encoding Printers, Key Management, Wireless Access Control, Intercoms and Elevator Control.

How Does The Integration Work?

A visitor arrives at the site (ad-hoc or walk-in) or is pre-registered through EvTrack before arrival. With an ad hoc visitor’s arrival at the site, the visitor’s details are captured either through the EvTrack FrontDesk visitor kiosk, EvTrack Guard handheld device or via the EvTrack web portal interface. A profile with credential and start and end date as well as access control privileges is then created for them on the EvTrack server. This data is sent to the Gallagher server where the appropriate credential with cardholder details, permissions and credential are created.  Cardholder groups can be mapped by the system administrator so that they match the required group on the Gallagher side. For pre-registered visitors, credentials are created prior to the visitor’s arrival and are already pre-loaded onto the EvTrack Server and then onto the Gallagher Server.

On the Gallagher side, a division is specified for the EvTrack visitors that are to be transferred. These each have a unique EvTrack ID which can be de-coupled from EvTrack should one not want to syncronise data anymore for this visitor. 

EvTrack can also be used as an enrollment solution in terms of loading employee facial images for use with Hikvision or SAFR facial biometric readers where Gallagher may not directly support integration with that product. Images are compressed, watermarked and securely transferred to Gallagher.

Data between the systems is syncronised in one direction from EvTrack to Gallagher. 

Integration Screenshots

Gallagher Security EvTrack Cardholder View

This page shows a typitcal EvTrack visitor transferred to Gallagher Security’s Command Platform and displayed as a cardholder on Gallagher.

Visitor to Access Control Workflow (EvTrack to Gallagher)

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Gallagher Command Centre Integration Note Here

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