Visitor Management & Access control For Critical national Infrastructure & government Buildings

The control of visitors and employees at any government facility is essential for the protection of state secrets, government assets and in order to protect civil servants. These sites include power stations, military bases, government offices, embassies, departments, warehouses and other critical national or local government infrastructures such as ports and aviation facilities.

EvTrack allows governments to restrict access to sensitive buildings or sites and provide access control through multiple layers of access control via credentials such as a secure RFID card, biometric facial matching, long-range RFID tag, passport, ID or vehicle numberplate.

For hi-security access points, EvTrack provides for the creation of verification combinations such as pin+card, face+pin, card+nplate, pin+ID card or any number of other combinations.

EvTrack is ideal for securing military or defence sites, especially when rapid deployment is needed for temporary security applications For US government or defence sites, we support the scanning of the military common access card format (CAC).



Government facilities Application Note

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