EvTrack Visitor Data Analytics



Our data analytics feature analyses access control raw data to help security or building managers pick up access control trends or patterns onsite.

This could include the most visited resident which may help detect illegal activity such as drug dealing, prostitution or short term letting in a building which does not allow this. The busiest access control time data set helps the security manager allocate security manpower accordingly to speed up visitor processing at the required times. An increase in access denied listings could represent an issue with issued access control credentials or could show individuals trying to gain unauthorised access to a parking garage door where they are denied permission to park. Reduced access control throughput on a particular day which is normally busy could show that the guards are maybe not using the system or that some physical access control barrier has been bypassed or is faulty.

Summarised analytical access control data helps provide overburdened security management with a better overview of the site allowing them to make decisions over key security functions, operating procedures and manpower levels.   

EvTrack allows this analytic data to be displayed graphically by date range and provides the user with the following data sets: 

  • Total Number of Individuals Into or Out of the Site
  • Busiest Access Control Time of the Day
  • Total Number of Individuals Granted Access or Denied Access
  • Busiest Access Control by Access Control Point
  • Total Number of New Visitor Registrations
  • Total Number of Visitors Into or Out of the Site
  • Access Total by Visitor Reasons
  • Top 10 Hosts to the Site
  • Top 10 Visitors to the Site
  • Top 10 Credentials used @ the Site
This new feature is available free of charge to all existing EvTrack customers, as well as to new EvTrack Web users.
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