Remote Utility Site Access

With Temporary Time/Date & Use Limits

Post COVID-19, organisations require reduced human contact for health reasons as well as to reduce on manpower and costs. Organisations may have remote sites widely distributed around a large geographical location, country, province or region which need to be accessed at times. These include Cellular Base Station Towers, Solar or Wind Farms, Fibre Optic Communication Nodes, TV or Radio Transmission Sites, Pump Stations, Sewerage Treatment Plants, Railway Signal Boxes, Power Substations & other Unattended Sites.

EvTrack provides a cloud-based access control solution to easily and remotely manage contractors or visitors to these sites without an employee from that host organisation being present. With our solution one can send temporary access control credentials via email or SMS to the person visiting the site. These have an expiry date/time as well as use limit. It also provides a robust audit trail with reporting and details of the visitor, host and the physical access control point used.



Remote Utility Site Access Control Application Note

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