EvTrack provides seamless cloud or on-premise access control for controlling access into and out of student accommodation, dormitories or student residences. This robust solution controls physical access control with facial recognition, QR codes or number plate recognition. The system’s ease of use allows building and security management to remotely manage credentials and edit or delete these as required It also facilitates the enrollment of new students or residents through a public registration link before even arriving on the site.

Key Features

Access Control Workflow

Step 1

Student Receives a Registration Link

Step 2

Student Registers His/Her Personal Info

Step 3

Student Uploads a Suitable Facial Photo

Step 4

Student Completes Registration

Step 5

Administrator Approves Registration

Step 6

Administrator Adds Permanent Face Credential

Step 7

Student Granted Access In/Out of the Site

Step 8

Administrator Can Modify/Delete Face Credential As Required

Documentation Download

Apartment Building Access Control Application Note

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