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Frequently Asked Questions

EvTrack is available in both a cloud-based version as well as an onsite or on-premise version for corporate or government clients.

EvTrack is compliant with POPI and has measures in place in terms of processing and protecting personal information. Standard users do not have access to visitor information after it has been entered into the system.

The information captured from the visitor is queued by the device and uploaded when connectivity is restored.

EvTrack is able to work with Chrome, Firefox, IE and most popular browsers. No special plug-in is required to run it.

With Evtrack all communication between the server and the guard device is encrypted. As is any data transfer between browser & the server. Offline data stored on the guard device is also encrypted.

EvTrack has the following licenses:

  • EvTrack Starter License – For sites with a single hardware device.
  • EvTrack Foundation License – The base license for any sites with more than one device. Requires device licenses to be added.
  • EvTrack Basic Hardware License – One is required per RFID card reader, LPR camera or fixed access control device.
  • EvTrack Advanced Hardware License – One is required per handheld device or per self-service kiosk.

The answer is No, we do not expect you to purchase hardware from us. We are primarily a software company and even though we are able to offer a complete solution, we are also happy if you would prefer to source your own hardware.