Integrating Visitor Management with Suprema's BioStar2 Access Control Software For Temporary Visitor & Contractor Access Control Via Facial Recognition, QR Code or One-Time-Pin.

What Data Is Transferred Between Evtrack & Suprema ?

Cardholder Info

(First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone Number, Email Address)

Visitor Photo

by EvTrack

QR Code or OTP (One-Time-Pin)


Cardholder Group

(i.e the Access Control Group the Credential is Mapped to)

EvTrack’s Suprema Integration provides seamless integration of EvTrack’s visitor management solution with Suprema’s BioStar 2 Open Integrated Security Platform. This solution provides automated visitor to physical access control management with EvTrack streamlining the access control process for temporary guests, visitors, and contractors. It is ideal for sites that utilise Suprema IP Access Control Hardware and where the customer wants to integrate Visitor Management and Access/Control into one unified platform. EvTrack’s server is available as a cloud-based or on-premise deployment and will communicate to Suprema’s BioStar2 server via a REST API interface.

What Is BioStar2 ?

BioStar 2 is a web-based, open, and integrated access control software platform provided by Suprema. It has been designed as an off the shelf software solution that users of Suprema IP Access Control hardware can use for all sites, whether a small office or a global corporation.

Various sized packages are available depending on the size of the site and the number of connected devices. It also features elevator control, both centralized and de-centralized architecture and interfacing with a variety of NVRs and/or IP cameras. A time/attendance module is also an option.

Its REST-API allows it to be integrated with 3rd party software solutions such as EvTrack’s Visitor Management solution.

How Does The Integration Work?

Step 1: A visitor arrives at the site (ad-hoc or walk-in) or is pre-registered through EvTrack before arrival.

Step 2: With an ad hoc visitor’s arrival at the site, the visitor’s details are captured either through the EvTrack FrontDesk Self-Service Visitor Kiosk, EvTrack Guard handheld device or via the EvTrack web portal interface.

Step 3: A profile with credential and start and end date of the visit as well as access control privileges is then generated by the EvTrack server.

Step 4: This data is sent over the network to the Suprema BioStar2 server where the appropriate credential with cardholder details, permissions and credential is created. Cardholder groups can be mapped by the system administrator so that they match the required group on the BioStar2 side.

Step 5: The BioStar2 server sends the relevant credential to the Suprema Access/Control Reader.

Step 6: Visitor presents credential and is granted access.

For pre-registered visitors, credentials are created prior to the visitor’s arrival and are already pre-loaded onto the EvTrack Server and then onto the Suprema BioStar2 Server / Readers.

EvTrack Screenshots

EvTrack Configuration Page

The screenshot above shows the settings that need to be configured within EvTrack to allow the data transfer to the BioStar 2 system.

EvTrack Visitor Dashboard

EvTrack’s visitor dashboard displays current or expected visitors to the site. This same data is transferred across to Suprema’s BioStar2.

BioStar2 Access Control Software Screenshot

BioStar2 Visitor Dashboard Display

Suprema BioStar2 Visitor Listings Uploaded From EvTrack Server

Visitor to Access Control Workflow (EvTrack to Suprema BioStar2)

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EvTrack Suprema Integration Note

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