Showing Value with Access Control Design

In today’s tough world business world. One needs to be equipped to safely move a security project from the enquiry to the project acceptance phase by the client.

Here are some key points one should consider when designing or proposing an access control or electronic security system.


They are meant to assist both the security solution provider as well as the customer. 

This is part 3 of our helpful tips poster series.

Some other important points to consider:

5.) Ensure a defined scope of work document is prepared to outline exactly what work is to be done under the project so the customer’s expectations are met and there is a limit on project scope ‘creep’.

6.) One needs to look past the incumbent technology providers and evaluate alternative solutions in order to ensure the customer receives the best solution for his project.

7.) Show your value as the best solution provider for the project by providing layout drawings, models or system architecture drawings of the proposed security solution.

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