Facial Biometric Reader Integration

EvTrack now supports the Hikvision range of facial biometric IP edge readers. This integration provides an end to end, visitor to physical access control solution for permanent or temporary access applications using the face as the biometric credential. These readers provide reliable fast access control through either face or card credentials. Models include the DS-K1T341AM and the DS-K1T671.

Visitor’s faces can be pre-registered through a visitor web registration link and are approved by an administrator who selects the required visit period and access control point permissions. Permanent users, residents or tenants also have a web registration link where other applicable data can be uploaded to be included in the person’s profile such as ID/passport copy, lease agreement and of course the face itself. Once approved the face biometric credential is created and uploaded to the edge reader and users can gain access.

For visitor access, the EvTrack Guard or EvTrack FrontDesk kiosk devices can also be used to enrol the visitor. Here the visitor’s face is uploaded temporarily to the facial reader and expires when the use limit is used up or the credential is expired.

Please contact us for further information or navigate to this product page: https://evtrack.com/k1t431/

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